Kinect Motion Capture Editing

PLEASE NOTE: The Device Mocap Plug-in can only be used with iClone Pro 6.03 and up.

Click this link to access the iClone 5 mocap tutorial playlist:…

Real-time motion capture using the Microsoft Kinect sensor is the quickest and least expensive way to get raw motion data to start off your own custom animations. Once you have your raw motion capture, it’s easy and fast to refine it using iClone’s powerful arsenal of motion editing tools including Human IK motion layer editing, motion puppet, direct puppet and more! This tutorial provides a basic guide on how to launch your Mocap Device Plugin and capture raw motion data, then refine and enhance it using iClone’s motion tools to result in a great looking custom animation in minutes! 

0:19 Plug-in Setup and Motion Capture
2:34 Saving Raw Data
3:33 Motion Data Refinement
13:46 Masking Puppet Animation
17:08 Saving & Re-applying Motions