Kitbash Rigged Characters With This Arms And Legs Pack For Cinema 4D

Ace5studio’s Arms and Legs pack is a kitbash set for easy character creation in Cinema 4D.

Kitbashing is a great way to reuse the elements you already have. Kit builders take their model from one step and turn it into an entirely new creation by using pieces of different models, creating amazing results without having any prior knowledge about what’s going on under-the-hood in 3D modeling software programs like Cinema 4D!

Build Your Characters With Pre-Rigged Arms and Legs.

The arms and legs pack offers a few pre-rigged character parts to choose from that all have standard controls ready. The idea is you can attach them yourself, or even let someone else do it if they are more comfortable with rigging than animation!

Get Arms and Legs Pack.

The arms and legs pack is a great buy for those who are looking to add some extra diversity in their animations. The updated version coming soon will allow you even more options, as well!

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