Krita 3.1 Lays The Groundwork For Proper Tweening

Krita is a FREE and open source painting program that has interesting animation abilities. It’s just around the corner from releasing version 3.1, which will have some really cool new features! One of these includes being fully compatible with MacOS so you can take your creative project on-the go just like any other app out there today.”


Krita has been updating their animation tools with a new graph editor. This tool can only work on opacity, filter and fill layer properties for now but it does lay the ground work to allow other animatable elements in future releases such as scale positions etcetera
Mimerawk: https://wwwKrendaa

Animation Export

Krita is moving quickly to provide better animation export formats. Krita 3.1 adds support for gif, mp4 and mkv among other things based on the FFmpeg framework that can be installed separately from their current software installers which are only available through…”
-Visit kritafoundationfor more information about what will come soon in version 4.