Landscape Modeling With Maya’s Motion Graphics Toolkit

Landscape modeling typically requires much more than just pushing polygons around. A modeler needs to think about how they will place random looking elements, like grass or rocks for example, in order to make it look naturalistic on the terrain without being too precise with placement of these objects so as not shine out-of-place against other pieces nearby which may already stand out due their unnatural appearance .

In order to create a convincing landscape, you need the right tools. One such tool is Xgen from Maya’s new generation graphics engine which allows users can scatter and place elements in their scenes with ease by using its large scale instancing feature set or MASH – an even more advanced motion graphics kit released this year for use during production timeframes on complex projects where flexibility matters most. Manaus’ newest addition-XGen puts me at my creative peak when working towards bringing life (and beauty) back into digital creations.

using MASH to model a landscape in Maya 2016 Extension 2

Ambitious landscape modeler,Alex Cheparev explores some techniques for creating models with MASH. Recently bundled as an extra in the 2016 version of Maya and accessed through itsools menu bar; this tool offers a suite-like set that can be used to place objects along surfaces or scatter them about—all while adding randomness (chaos) into instanced elements like trees here:

Full control over the instancing networks is a must-have for modeling landscapes.