Learn Basic Mel Scripting In Maya Lt

The three short Basic MEL scripting tutorials will teach you how to create some small scripts that are perfect for beginners. These are the basics, so if your goal is more in-depth training on scriptwriting then I recommend checking out my free online course at LearnMayaHacks dot com!

how to create a script for the Maya shelf that can help to create instances of objects in a set of selected vertices

Learning Basic MEL Scripting

Autodesk is a company that creates 3D computer graphics programs. Their latest video series aimed at teaching beginners how to script in Maya will get you started with basic MEL scripting and cover three smaller projects over the course of three tutorial videos!

The first video tutorial demonstrates how to create a script for the Maya shelf that can help you with instances of objects in selected vertices. In addition, this same concept is expanded upon by another viedo demonstrating per-face instancing; placing models on specific faces rather than their centers will allow designers greater control over where each instance lies within space .

The third installment of the tutorial offers a look at how to create custom controllers using NURBS curves, so that assets can be posed and placed easily.