Learn Grease Pencil In Blender 2.82 (2d Animation And Storyboard) – English


By sociamix

You might not know this, but Blender 2’s grease pencil tool is one of the coolest features to come out in years. I’m gonna give you a tour and teach how it works so that even if animation isn’t your thing – or maybe just want some advice with storyboarding- we can still make something awesome together!

A quick intro: put me down as “informative” for now because there are many cool things happening here… Grease Pencil lets users apply outlines onto their workpiece insteada nd edit them like paint; kind’ve hard/cool right? That means no more switching back an forth between programs (like Photoshop) while trying fix little mistakes along the.

Thanks to Onei for the timestamps:

0:00:04 introduction
0:00:45 how to use blender with a tablet
0:02:49 move the 3D cursor and spawn a grease pencil object
0:03:58 enter drawing mode
0:05:29 strokes projection modes
0:07:22 show the grid representing the plane where we draw
0:08:55 erase everything
0:09:09 change stroke data
0:10:17 layers
0:11:01 edit stroke material (stroke and fill color)
0:14:11 use edit mode on strokes
0:18:48 use object mode on strokes
0:19:15 edit mode shortcuts
0:20:05 sculpt mode
0:23:09 drawing tools
0:23:15 eraser tool
0:24:02 fill tool
0:27:11 reproject all strokes on a plane (flatten the grease pencil object)

0:28:37 what’s in the animation file template
0:29:00 world background
0:29:42 camera
0:30:05 default stroke
0:30:27 materials
0:30:45 brushes
0:32:08 timeline and dopesheet

0:33:46 simple animation
0:33:46 sketch
0:33:55 setup for the sketch
0:35:56 add keyframe with onion skin
0:38:36 make inbetween
0:40:06 use edit mode practically
0:41:17 copy some content of a frame to another
0:42:44 use sclupt mode practically
0:43:07 overwrite a frame with another
0:44:23 change the animation duration
0:44:36 scale time between keyframes
0:45:22 move multiple keyframe at once

0:45:56 inking
0:45:56 setup for the inking
0:47:03 use predefined shapes
0:48:13 bezier curves
0:49:27 simple bezier curves
0:49:35 lines
0:50:21 smoothening hand drawn lines
0:53:17 cleanup

0:54:24 coloring
0:54:24 setup for the coloring
0:54:57 filling
0:55:56 correct with the sculpting tool
0:57:46 move the pivot point (origin point)

0:59:25 add modifiers
0:59:32 create a cycle
1:00:29 copies and instances
1:01:36 cancel transformation
1:02:15 noise modifier
1:02:50 thickness modifier
1:03:06 smothness modifier
1:03:21 tint modifier
1:04:28 offset by keyframe

1:05:05 parallax effect
1:05:24 move the camera
1:05:48 animate objects
1:07:19 change animation curve
1:11:49 scenes
1:12:12 make a new scene
1:15:00 video editing
1:18:35 exporting as a usable file

1:19:54 real file