Learn How To Create Procedural Chain Links In Blender


By CG Cookie

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Creating chains for games or film can be a difficult task, especially when manually creating them link by link. This problem is exacerbated when there’s an overwhelming demand and you need to place many variations of links that are placed by hand!

In this Blender video tutorial, we will explore some creative ways of using the Blend Tool and its various modes. First up is Manual Mode which allows for more precise control over individual pixels or gradients with density-based blending techniques like Burning & Deselecting Individual Pixels (A). Next up are Procedural Scripts created by connecting multiple operators together such as Bezier Curves in order to replicate different shapes on top while also adding extra functionality that can be accessed through user defined variables at any time! For example; these types of scripts might include default values related color schemes so you know exactly what colors should always go next without having t do math every single.

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