Learn How To Rig A Cartoon Car

Kasper Larsson, the instructor of a new cartoon car rigging course that will focus on deformation techniques has announced its launch.

Cartoons are a lot different than 3D models. In cartoons, rigging is often used for comedic effect and characters will need to be posed in many different ways from scene-to-scene which could change drastically during animation with the artist’s needs changing as well.

“How in the world do you remember how to do all these steps??!” People usually posit as a way of putting their doubt and confusion on me.
The truth is, I don’t! With this approach -you become like math; doing something that we know can be calculated but our ability doesn’t always extend past calculating one step at time (though there are exceptions). It becomes your understanding and application which makes sure those calculations come out correct every single time–and THAT’S what will get learned here.

Anyone can follow this course! It’s a great place to start and build your understanding of how things work. You’ll learn about deformation stacks, mixed methods and mechanics vs. deformity in the end – no matter what level you are at with 3D design software programs like Zbrush or Maya.
It’s important that beginners be able enjoy their journey through school too because they might not know where exactly something is being discussed on-screen when there are tons of options available during every lesson time slot.

The idea of this course is to give you the necessary information in one place, so that your time spent researching online won’t be wasted. It might sound like small things at first but when put together they make up an important foundation for anything else I teach or recommend- don’t let them slip by!

Check out Kasper Larsson’s Cartoon Car Rigging Course here.

Larsson has a valuable animation producer class, and another that shows off her trademark pipeline workflow with Maya and Redshift.