Learn How To Set Up A Procedural Eye In Maya

Magnus Møller Posts a New Course That Shows How to Use Nodes to Create an Easily Editable Stylized Procedural Eye in Maya

Magnus Møller is an Art Director and Generalist at Tumblehead Studios. He produces tutorials for artists, specifically those who are interested in creating stylized characters like himself. His latest video goes into how to create a procedural eye using Maya so that it can easily be modified across other designs without having any negative effects on your average face modeler workflow! “It’s great because you don’t have spend time figuring out what kind of eyelashes or eyebrows look good with each new design” says Mr Mosseri – another artist working here at TG.

He also mentions that the process can be used in more places than just for an eye. “This technique is not only limited to creating individualized characters with unique features like eyes; it’s possible use these methods on cloth patterns, different materials such as mud or cement–I hope this gives people who are interested some ideas about how they might get started.”

The tutorial is available on Magnus Møller’s Gumroad page for $25. Visit Creating a Procedural Eye to learn more about it!