Learn How To Use Rigify In Blender With This Free Course

Luciano A. Muñoz Sessarego has a free 5-part series that reveals the secrets of using Rigify in Blender.

There are a lot of great rigs out there but the one that stands above them all is Blender’s auto-rig tool. It can help you rig your characters quickly and easily, which means less time spent on tedious tasks like foot movement! In this tutorial series from animator Luciano A Muñoz Sessarego he’ll show us how it works so check back for more tutorials soon or go straight to his website at www.(link).com

The Secrets of Rigify.

With Rigify, you can automate the creation of character rigs within Blender. It works by a modular building-block approach where each part perform simple tasks for more complex ones to be assembled on top – all without having any previous knowledge about how this whole process works! “It’s really just like Minecraft,” says Luciano who should know what he speaks too since that game was developed using Studios’ proprietary toolchain which includes Bingo Roles in particular.

About Luciano A. Muñoz Sessarego.

Luciano is a Chilean Animator currently living in Sydney, working for Animation and VFX projects. He’s passionate about CG animation as well as craft beer-food pairing!