Learn The Very Basics Of Working With Mash In Maya

Damon Lavenski Offers a Beginner’s Introduction to Working With MASH in Maya.

If you’re new to Autodesk Maya and MASH, understanding where your first job might be will depend on what type of work it is that one wants to do. For example if a visual effects artist wanting more control over their own projects then they would want an Animation Package or Character TD whereas someone looking exclusively for 2D animation opportunities could find themselves serving as producer at times when necessary with various aspects such as storyboarding through production management skills required under this role too.

The journey starts by learning about instances which Damon Lavenski describes thusly: “An instance allows me access all these tools” – making them easier than ever before!

101: How to create a network with Lavenski, and then dive into some practical examples using motion graphics toolset for modeling. Stay tuned as he continues his series on 101s!