Learning Blender A step by step beginners Tutorial for 3D Artists


By ChamferZone

Hi everyone, it’s been a while but today I am happy to share a 2 hour and step by step Blender beginners course. All the way from basic navigation, setting up shortcuts, installing and mastering free and useful plugins, modifiers, tools over to modelling a 20mm Vulcan cannon round at the end to make it worthwhile to sit through the 2 hours. Oh and as well as making a render for it. πŸ“Έβœ¨
If you are coming from 3ds Max like I did then you will find a few comparisons and references I make to it. Now that this beginners introduction is done you can expect more tutorials to come out in the future. All relevant links at the bottom of the description. Don’t forget to subscribe! πŸ™‚

00:00​ Intro
4:28​ Basic Navigation
5:12​ Perspective and Ortho views
7:42​ Add new meshes/Primitives
8:19​ Collections/Folders
8:48​ Deleting objects
9:06​ Quick look at the Edit mode
9:45​ Layout and Modeling viewports
12:19​ Downloading a few excellent free Plugins
16:38​ Installing Plugins
19:27​ QBlocker Plugin (for creating Primitives faster)
22:48​ Select and deselect objects
24:23​ Move, rotate and scale
25:02​ Increasing the undo steps
26:48​ Slowing actions down for more precision
28:00​ Updating Blender to a newer version release
29:46​ Wireframe Mode and putting it on a shortcut
31:27​ CAD Transform Plugin
33:28​ Object and Edit mode
34:05​ Subdivide
34:19​ Vertex, Edge, Face Mode
34:53​ Loop and Ring selections
35:59​ Element Mode
36:34​ Dissolving Edges
37:32​ Vertex to Edge connection
38:00​ Dissolving Faces
38:42​ Fill Mode/Bridge Mode
39:31​ Backface Culling
39:52​ Collapsing geometry
40:45​ Target welding
41:14​ Maxivzs interactive tools
41:48​ Quick Favorites
42:19​ Putting Select, Move, Rotate and Scale on Q,W,E,R Shortcuts
45:08​ Extrude
46:40​ Aligning geometry on X,Y or Z
48:45​ Xray Mode
49:50​ Inset
51:00​ Bevel
52:05​ Knife/Cut tool
52:50​ Tilde key – Quick ortho view menu
53:59​ Edge Constraint mode
55:06​ Instances and copies in Edit Mode
56:07​ Separate/Detach elements
56:26​ Changing the origin/pivot point on our object
57:43​ Instances and copies in Object Mode
01:00:00​ Smoothing
01:01:09​ Attaching Objects together
01:02:49​ Separating several elements
01:04:07​ Isolation mode
01:04:30​ Material Editor and assigning materials
01:07:31​ Copying materials from object to object
01:08:11​ Working on multiple objects in edit mode
01:09:23​ Boolean Modifier
01:11:41​ Bevel modifier and Bevel weights / making highpoly geometry
01:13:32​ Subdivision Surface / Turbosmooth
01:15:48​ Edit vs. Object mode again
01:17:34​ Wireframe Mode full
01:21:05​ Mirror Modifier
01:24:13​ Modifier hierarchy
01:26:13​ Solidify/Shell Modifier
01:27:31​ Boolean operations with JMesh Plugin
01:28:54​ Bevel with JMesh Plugin
01:30:15​ Primitive Mode & Boolean operations with JMesh Plugin
01:35:48​ Mirroring with JMesh Plugin
01:36:48​ Array modifier with JMesh Plugin
01:37:31​ Circle Array modifier with JMesh Plugin
01:38:24​ Reset X Form
01:39:34​ Flipping Normals
01:40:39​ Smart Extrude / Extrude Manifold
01:42:11​ Curves, Shapes or Splines
01:46:17​ Mesh to curve with JMesh Plugin
01:46:52​ Text in Blender
01:48:04​ Let’s model a 20mm Vulcan Cannon Round πŸ’£πŸ’₯
01:48:23​ Units setup in Blender
01:48:33​ Adding a reference image and scaling it to the right size
01:49:49​ Measure tool
01:50:05​ Loop Cut tool
01:52:36​ Orbit around selection
02:01:37​ Center origin pivot points to multiple objects
02:01:44​ Ridgid body and gravity drop
02:04:28​ Visual Transform
02:04:41​ Adding lights and adjusting their properties
02:05:16​ Shading Mode and adding a HDRI image
02:06:03​ Scene properties (Ambient Occlusion, Surface Reflections etc.)
02:08:57​ Camera settings and making a render

Free Plugins appearing in this Tutorial: (Installation shown in the tutorial)
maxivz interactivetools https://github.com/maxivz/interactive…​
CAD Transform Plugin https://gumroad.com/l/nQVcS​
QBlocker https://gumroad.com/l/goev​
TexTools http://renderhjs.net/textools/blender/​
UV Squares https://github.com/Radivarig/UvSquares​
JMesh tools https://github.com/jayanam/jmesh-tools​

Reference image 20mm Vulcan Round:

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