Lightmap Brings Hdr Light Studio To Blender

Realtime connection plugs bring the lighting toolkit over for Blender users.

HDR Light Studio is now even more accessible with the new Blender connection release. The plugin not only allows you to create photorealistic lighting set-ups in seconds, but also provides an easy way for users of HDR Ligth studio’s unique workflow!

Lightmap brings HDR Light Studio to Blender

New real-time connection plug-in makes the powerful automotive and product lighting toolkit available to users of the leading open-source 3D design and rendering software

Today, Lightmap released its new Blender connection for HDR Light Studio. The company’s artist-friendly real time lighting toolkit now becomes available to users of the leading open source 3D design and rendering software through their Add On which creates live links between HDRLight Studio with this program so artists can create accurate photorealistic set ups more quickly intuitively creatively!

HDR Light Studio is a new tool that will revolutionize how productions work by letting artists create custom HDRI-based set ups in seconds. The program has many time saving features like “Light Paint,” which enables people to position lights on models with just one click of their mouse!

“I found HDR Light Studio a long time ago, and always wanted to use it for my Blender projects,” says automotive artist Daniel Vesterbaek. “Lighting used to feel cumbersome – there was never any way of knowing if something would work or look right until after the fact!” But with this new connection he can generate high-quality lighting more intuitively thanks in part by an updated interface that lets users shift between different types of light sources on demand while also being able see how their scene will look before moving forward based off realtime preview images captured automatically during ray tracing rendering.”

Blender is a widely-used 3D application with over 10 million downloads last year. Since 2019’s milestone 2.80 update, which overhauled the user interface and introduced powerful new features like EEVEE render engine in production by firms including Ubisoft Animation Studio for games such as Beyond Good & Evil 2 from 2003 to 2007; it has been adopted increasingly being used across various industries from automotive design visualization projects – even though Blender doesn’t have any specific track record or specialization when compared against other software packages that could cater better towards these types of use cases due their particular needs.

“We are very excited to launch this new Add-on linking HDR Light Studio with Blender,” said Mark Segasby, CEO and 3D product designer ofLightmap Entertainment. “With the significant recent investment in Blender development many of our existing customers now look forward use it on a professional level.”

Key benefits of HDR Light Studio include:

  • • Create photorealistic HDRI-based lighting set-ups interactively
  • • Drag and drop preset 2D and 3D lights mimicking real-world light types like soft boxes
  • • LightPaint system positions highlights and reflections by clicking directly on a model
  • • New Blender connection shows the results in the Blender viewport in real time
  • • Create your own synthetic HDRIs or edit photographic HDRI maps
  • • Customize HDRIs with masks, gradients and layers
  • • Procedural sky system for lighting outdoor scenes
  • • Save light rigs as presets to use in other projects
  • • Fast and responsive, even with large production scenes
  • • Supports industry standards like OpenColorIO and Alembic

For more information, visit the Blender connection’s product page.

Pricing and availability

HDR Light Studio is an amazing platform that provides access to top of the line graphics software. For $140 per year, artists with annual revenue under 100K can use this service which includes one-on-one tutorials from industry professionals as well as unlimited render time!

About Lightmap and HDR Light Studio

Founded by 3D product designer Mark Segasby and his brother-in law, game developer Simon C. Smith Lightmap is a company that creates HDR lighting tools for artists of all types with real time capabilities across multiple applications on different platforms including DCC/CAD programs like Revit or even some modeling packages such as SketchUp! The latest version was released this year in 2019 which allows users to work more smoothly without any hiccups or delays when importing textures into their projects because now you can do it seamlessly right off the bat instead before waiting around forever only having access through low quality images taken directly off screens (which often times looked fuzzy).

For more information about Lightmap’s ongoing mission to provide the most advanced software on the market for authoring HDRI-based lighting set-ups, visit

The use of high dynamic range (HDR) images are becoming increasingly popular among photographers and video editors alike because they allow you capture photos with greater detail than ever before as well as produce lifelike imagery that would otherwise be impossible without this innovative technology such HDRIs offer us incredible clarity when it comes time lighting our scenes which makes them perfect if we want realistic results!