Link Slider Control To A Lip Sync Comp In After Effects

One of the benefits to using After Effects is that it has a powerful control scheme. You can connect sliders and other components like button presses or roller coaster rides for more complex animations without having any programming experience at all! One thing you might have noticed when working with character animation however, is how handy slider controls are during facial expressions so don’t forget about those if your project calls them out as necessary.

Setting up the slider control for a character in After Effects is quick and easy. Just make sure you create an old standard of all your mouth positions, then sequence them within their comp animation!

a simple way to link a slider control to a lip sync composition containing different mouth shapes for easy animating.

A composition in a sound editor is a lot like the octopus. It has many arms with different abilities and functions, but when you bring them all together they can do what’s needed most effectively for your production needs! When bringing this type of arrangement into main animation it helps if we set time remapping so that played position within effect range becomes controllable by slider control instead using expressions alone which may not always work properly depending on how complicated things get- just saying 🙂