Lipsyncr Offers Automatic Viseme Based Mouth Animations In Ae

Joachim Holler has created a new tool called LipSyncr for After Effects, which allows you to automatically create viseme based mouth animations. A Visemic is any of several sounds in speech that look the same and they are used when people don’t know how else too articulate what their saying due them being lip-reading only so some mouths positions such M or N will then appear as GKL even though it’s actually another sound entirely!

Ae’s character facial animation has been a tedious process. To help automate the process, MamoWorld created LipSyncr: an algorithm that automatically syncs lip movement and word pronunciation to speech synthesis for increased realism in Ae apps like Animaker Pro or Sketch Club Pro where you can edit your motion captured animations from scratch with simple mouse clicks rather than going through hours of tedious keyframe work!

Automatic high quality viseme–based mouth animations. In a matter of seconds.

LipSyncr helps you create mouth animations in a fraction of the time. With its speech and text recognition features, Lipsyncs can do all that tedious work for users while giving them more control over what they want to add or change on each frame!

Imagine if your voice was the only thing that could create emotions. With LipSyncr, you can analyze a recording in Adobe Premiere Pro and generate templates based off of what’s heard during each section so when it comes time for animation there will be no need to search through hours upon hours worth footage just hoping an expression came out looking like how they wanted- instead all mouths look perfect thanks to this software!

Key Features

  • Template viseme images including illustration guides
  • Combine any number of audio files and mouth compositions
  • Three different viseme mappings: 4 illustrations (low quality), 7 illustrations (medium quality), 10 illustrations (high quality)

Have a look at LipSyncer in use:

Availability and Pricing

LipSyncr lets you animate your mouth for any creative project with just one click. With its drag-and-drop interface, it’s easy to use even if you’ve never animated before!