LIVE – Full Character Creation Workflow – Blender

By Grant Abbitt

Raymond Bonanno is a well-renowned character designer who has worked on projects like The Simpsons and Family Guy. He also designs clothes for clients, which you can find at his company’s online boutique!

If you have any questions then make sure to @grant abbitt and I’ll be able to see them easily.

Im using a wacom mobile studio pro for sculpting and painting.

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I use a graphics tablet to paint with and my recommendations are written below:

Best graphics tablet

Wacom One – cheapest wacom display tablet
US link –
UK link –

Wacom cintiq 16″ display tablet
US link

Ultimate Buyers guide –

Normal Graphics Tablets
xp pen Deco 1

Display Tablets
very good option:
Best price – GearBest
Amazon US –

Heard good things:
Huion Kamvas GT
Gearbest – 15 inch
Amazon UK – 13 inch
Amazon US – 12 inch

Money no object 🙂
Cintique 22HD
Amazon UK
Amazon US

What I use
Mobile studio pro
UK – pro 13
UK – pro 16
Amazon US –