Lockdown Makes Tracking Warping Surfaces Easy In After Effects

New Ae Plug Lockdown knocks out tough to track warping surfaces.

If you’re a VFX supervisor, the last thing on your mind should be tracking shots. But with Mocha and Ae trackers available for affordable prices these days – it can happen without too much effort!

Recently we had an overzealous actor who was playing around in front of our cameras when he got shot by another production company’s camera operator (we were filming this scene). His torso twisted like crazy which made his wounds difficult to find afterwards; I’m not gonna lie: that nightmare haunts me even today…

I was excited to see this new After Effects plugin because it looks like a game changer. Lockdown lets you track warping surfaces easily and sees all the major problems with tracking in NUKE 7, including ghosting issues caused by fast moving cameras or lights; surface noise when using long exposures on SIGGRAPH 2016 papers that were published last year–it’ll even tell me if my footage needs more than two passes!

The breakthrough plugin, lockdown is a game changer for editors. It lets you track points in your video and generate a mesh that will bend to fit the footage seamlessly without any warping or distortion!

This revolutionary tool also works on mocha-tracked surfaces which makes it an even more valuable asset when working with either 3D graphics pipelines or film production toolsets like After Effects templates set up using its own native API’s so they can be further integrated into other programs outside of Cinema 4D itself. The output should have less detail.

Chris Vranos is back with a plugin that you will love. Lockdown for Ae has been discounted 20%, so now’s the time to check it out!