Lookdev Kit Is A Free Tool For Arnold In Maya

Dusan Kovic’s Lookdev Kit contains multiple HDRs and an easy way to make turntables.

If you’re an artist who uses the Maya software, then lookdev kit might be something worth checking out. It’s a free tool created by CG Artist Dusan Kovic that helps with Arnold rendering in your computer-aided design program of choice (Maya).

The Look dev Kit comes complete with multiple HDRs and lets users switch between them quickly so they can view their objects against various lighting situations without wasting any time setting up scenes beforehand or waiting on renders while editing other aspects at hand!

You can create custom turntable animations for your assets with the Kit. It comes complete with Macbeth Charts, chrome and grey spheres for references as well as DOF control! “All this is created in my free time so I’m giving it away,” Dusan said about his new product line which has been attracting interest from all around the world since its release last week.
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Download the Lookdev Kit for Arnold here. https://www.artstation.com/dusankovic/store/xyB3/lookdev-kit