Loop Shape Layer Animation In After Effects

Animation is a powerful tool for creating motion graphics. Looping animations require some planning, but if you know basic timing and keyframe settings then it’s possible to create more interesting effects with less work on your end!

If you want to create a logo that flies across the screen at regular intervals, then shape layer animations can help. Joe Clay has an interesting setup and we’ll show how it works in this example of looping animation for your company’s branding materials!

I am going explain what tools are needed first: A video or still image as well as any type of graphic design elements such like text on images; CorelDraw X5 is also handy since it has some useful features when working with files from other programs-specifically images–such ibrand@examplecom/.

check out a quick technique to set up seamless patterns

Joe walks through a clever technique where you can use the Shape Layer Repeater along with expression to create seamless patterns that appear on ribbon boards. This is great for anything else your need tiled and animated!