Looping Geometric Animation In After Effects

Move Shapes shows how you can create looping geometric animation in After Effects using shape layers.

You may feel like you’re in a loop when creating animations with Ae. If the thought of setting keyframes for your animation is giving you trouble, look no further than this new tutorial by Peter Arumugam (Move Shapes) that will help get things rolling smoothly! The article covers using shape layers and vector paths to create geometric loops quickly.

Animated loops are a great way to give your content that extra something. The process is straightforward but seeing how Ae helps the animations come together makes it more interesting!

About Move Shapes.

Peter Arumugam is a Motion graphic designer and Animator. He started his career in the IT field, but still had enough passion to learn animation on his own time- which led him into this exciting industry just two years ago! With eight years of experience as well as knowledge from all aspects including motion graphics design or 3D assets production/animation – Peter will help you bring your idea alive with grace through creativity!!