Looping Paint Effects Brush Animations Easily In Maya Using Loop Brush

Matthew Guild shows how you can make looping animations for Paint Effects Brushes in Autodesk Maya using the Loop Brush Animation command under brush animation from paint effects menu.

This lesson will teach you how to loop brush animations in order to enhance your animation workflow

This looping animation, applied to the behavior settings for that particular Paint Effects Brush in your Viewport allows you a great deal of control over how subtle or dramatic an effect is desired.

For instance if Matthew’s trees are too far away from us and we want them shake as our car passes by then all he needs do it make sure there’s enough frames per second on his video editor software so when playback starts up again at approximately 1 minute 20 seconds into any given clip (which would be perfect timing!), everything will have been slowed down just right making those leafy branches seem much closer than before without having needed key out every little branch nor did anyone need.