LuxCore Render for Blender Crash Course | PBR Materials and “Disney” Materials Node

By djtutorials

The perfect way to learn about PBR materials is with this tutorial! You’ll create a character and environment using LuxCore Renderer’s “Disney” material nodes. This isn’t just for kids – it can be used in any game or animation project where you need realistic-looking surfaces that have extra detail like texture maps on them, so don’t miss out because your work will never look better than what we’ll show here today 🙂

Make sure to check out the Download and Installation tutorial for some overview first before watching this one.


Download and Installation video:
Textures from Texture Haven:
LuxCore 2.5 Beta 1 (Latest as of 11.24.2020) Download

Jump To Timecodes:
LuxCore Materials Node Editor 01:30
Adding a New Material 03:10
File Management 03:58
PBR “Disney” Materials Node 04:43
Thin Film Coating 05:29
Adding Image Textures 06:18
Image Texture Node 08:29
2D Mapping Node 10:05
Normal Map 11:43
Bump Map 12:48
Color Ramp 14:38
Tri-Planar Procedural Mapping 15:34