Make Nparticles Change Color Based On The Collision Object

Daryl Obert creates some great interactions with Maya’s nParticles. With the ability to control them not only in N Dynamics system, but also through expressions and other attributes like tags or constraints; these particles offer an amazing level of complexity that can be harnessed by even novice levels designers for their own creations!

The nParticle can be changed to any color with the right programming.

Ever wanted to change the color of an object when it came into contact with another one? Now you can do it automatically! Daryl shows how in this video. He creates a mesh mask so he knows which particles will interact with other ones, then sets up expressions for each type that changes their shade based on what they see – pretty sweet right?!
The Maya nParticles plugin gives us amazing new ways create effects like these using its per-particle arrays feature where colors match those from whatever surface they come across.

Expressions and particles can give you all kinds of creative opportunity. Another example, Ivan Arsic showed how to make popping popcorn using Maya’s nParticles:

Mannon (Happy Wasteland Studios) also used a bit of expressive fluids with his explosions by walking through creating an explosion like the ones that would be created from mortar rounds in order for them not only show damage but also have some logic behind why this particular object was blowing up instead if others around it didn’t blow up at all when hit with dynamite-like forcefulness.