Make Properties Oscillate In After Effects

Evan Abrams Looks at Working With the Sin Expression in After Effects.

Picking up new After Effects Expressions here and there is always a good thing. One particular expression that gets used a lot, like in JavaScript math – sin(), can be great for creating periodic oscillations you could use anywhere from animation effects to UI designs!

Tutorial Author Evan Abrams has a look at what the Sin Expression does and how you can use it in Ae to control properties. The tutorial shows how easy it is to make things oscillate with math, without any hassle! I also recommend checking out Dan Ebberts’ article on physical simulations- he covers some great basics about sines among other things too.”

In this passage from his book “The Art & Science Of 3D Modelling” author Ian Jefferds talks about expressions such as sin(x) which allow users access mathematical functions through an intuitive user interface tool called “Ae:”