Make You Own Plexus Effect In After Effects

Workbench Posts a Look at Creating a Plexus Effect in After Effects Using Only Ae Tools

The Plexus plugin or After Effects is one that lets users create, manipulate and visualize data procedurally. It’s an extremely pricey program but it can be used to make some pretty cool effects! If you don’t have the money for this next-generation particle system though there are other ways of achieving similar results without spending so much time on them – just take a look at our article where I explain how in more detail…

Joe Clay shows how to create a slimmed-down plexus effect in After Effects using only Ae available tools. The result is mostly, as he says “a lite” version of the plugin which will not give you as much control or robustness but still provides some aesthetic flexibility for those who want it.

One of the best ways to add a little creativity and pizzazz into your videos, is using an awesomely designed background. You can use this for anything from product shots or interviews – it’ll really stand out! Watch our tutorial here on how we made one with Plexus-Flavor none calories (and no carbs) in just 2 minutes flat: workbenchtv/YouTube.