Make Your Product Renders Pop In Cinema 4D And Octane

Arthur Whitehead shows how to add that extra something to your product renders.

What makes one image stand out from the rest? You could argue that it’s lighting, and you would not be wrong. This new tutorial byArthur Whitehead looks at all of those little things which make up for an amazing work pop-out–especially when its comes down product renders.

The first thing he covers is how important good directionality can turn out well lit images into something really great looking; if done incorrectly this will cause shadows on your subject or objects making them appear deformed (not quite right). Secondly there should always some kindof background element present like skybox texture so viewers don’t get bored with just seeing plain old walls around.

In this tutorial, Arthur shares a technique for lighting with Octane and Cinema 4D. He demonstrates how the right light can make all of the difference when it comes to creating realistic-looking glass renders! Check out his helpful video here
or click on one of these tags: Lighting[insert title], Glass. Or watch from start till end if you want some tips about what kind off material is being rendered into 3d space.