Making A String Of Lights In Blender Using Geometry Nodes & Modifiers

By Johnny Matthews

Make your own Procedural string of lights in Blender using Geometry Nodes, The Curve Modifier and a handy curve type! Here is how.
1) Create an object that can be turned into something geometric like curves or circles (the more complex the better).

2-Select all vertices along one edge then drag them to create another copy without intersecting it’s edges first by holding down Shift while dragging .

3-) When you’ve got two shapes organized together – select both objects plus any other geometrical figures around it so they stay paired up visually–before doing anything else with either group go back.

Follow me here:

00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Setting Up
01:05 – The Contol Object
02:47 – Geometry Nodes
03:09 – Catenary Curves and the Curve Modifier
08:09 – More Node Control
08:22 – Combining Curves
12:12 – Thanks for Watching!