Making a Stylized Battle Axe with Maya, Zbrush and Substance Painter

Although the idea of learning how to create a stylized game weapon might seem daunting, it is actually very straightforward. This tutorial will show you every step in creating your own unique design from start to finish!

It shows all these different steps like modeling them, UV mapping them so they can be textured later down the line when preparing their model for sculpting which also has its own set of guidelines but this one specifically focuses on explaining how to go through each individual process along with what tools should be utilized during said processes before finally exporting everything out into Unity 3D – an industry

Covered Topics:

  • Making the Model using Autodesk Maya
  • UV Mapping the Model using Autodesk Maya
  • Preparing the model for Zbrush
  • Sculpting in Zbrush
  • Texturing using Substance Painter

By 3dEx