Mamoworld Releases Beatedit For After Effects

BeatEdit will change the way you animate to music in After Effects.

Mamoworld’s latest offering is a tool for After Effects that might change the way you animate to music. BeatEdit will auto-detect beats in any audio file and let you apply wiggle motion, markers or keyframes while keeping time with your synced up track – all without having to do anything complicated! Mamoworld knows what their customers want: Simple tools anyone can use so they don’t need an expert knowledge on how these programs work (or be afraid of making mistakes).

The Ae plugin will automatically detect and identify beats in music tracks. One this happens, then you can do pretty much anything with your clip: like create markers for the different parts of each rhythm so they stay organized as time goes on; animate sliders or layers that change their settings according to those beat segments (lower volume at one point than another); repeat keyframes based around specific percussive sounds–all without ever having played through any audio by hand! There are other tools out there too such as Ebberts + Zucker’s Beatnik which allows users to build effects quickly using just drum machines connected via midi cables along with whatever samples come installed.

The powerful MARSYAS framework from George Tzanetakis, Associate Professor at the University of Victoria has been used to produce a beat tracker that allows for highly accurate and robust tracking. The BeatEdit app relies heavily on this technology in order to provide you with an exceptional listening experience!

BeatEdit Features:

  • Beat Detection: BeatEdit features a highly accurate Beat Detector developed by universities in Porto (Portugal) and Victoria (Canada). This beat tracker goes way beyond simple peak detection, combining several methods and a great deal of expert knowledge to get accurate results, even with songs where the beat is not apparent.
  • Markers: Visualize beats as markers in your composition. You can also easily copy, paste, and move markers.
  • Beat Wiggle: Whether you want to animate sliders, 2D or 3D layers or time-remap your footage – the beat wiggle does it all. Endless possibilities, full control, and lots of presets. It even supports beat patterns, so the animation behaves differently for each beat.
  • Repeat Keyframes: BeatEdit can, of course, repeat your keyframed animations in sync with the beat, but it also comes with a powerful continuous mode which offsets each repetition, so that it starts exactly where the previous one ends.
  • Stagger Layers & Keyframes: Want your text to appear step by step with the beat, or sync your keyframes up to the music? Our stagger features are your best friends!
  • Beat Selection: BeatEdit gives you full control over which beats your animations react to – you can choose to select only every fourth beat, select beats randomly, or subdivide the beats. BeatEdit can even react to other rhythmically relevant points of your music to create even more variation.

A new site has been added to the list of available resources in BeatEdit. Check out this page for more information on how you can use beat loops in your own music production!