Marmoset Toolbag Updates With Lens Distortion Chromatic Aberration

Toolbag 2.06, the latest version of Marmoset’s popular 3D modelling software for Macs (and PC too!), adds a bevy new features including color curves and lens distortion / chromatic aberration – all in an effort to make your life easier as you create awesome things!

ToolBag is a powerful 3D rendering package with an efficient workflow for artists.

ToolBag 2.06 is a powerful, yet easy to use color grading tool that gives you complete control over all aspects of your workflow from importing footage and presets through applied adjustments such as curves or lens effects for more creative looks!

Marmoset ToolBag 2.06 is a new update that features tons of updates and improvements, including:

  • Lens Flares
  • Scale Tool!
  • Glass Preset Material
  • Random sky now chosen for new scenes
  • Area Lights
  • Color Curves
  • Lens Distortion & Chromatic Aberration