Marvelous Designer To Create A Chef Hat For Maya

Alex Cheparev’s Latest Tutorial Shows How to Use Marvelous Designer to Create the Complex Folds of a Chef’s Hat for Maya.

Many DCC’s have cloth tools for creating clothes and more. However, you can’t beat dedicated apps that are designed just for this purpose such as Marvelous Designer which is low-cost and fully capable of making 3D garments through simulation. Watch a short 30 minute tutorial from modeler Alex Cheparev who shows how he creates the complex series of folds in his chef hat using both Maya & marvelous designer.

A big thanks goes out here to all those talented individuals working so hard every day on improving our understanding of what we see around us with their artwork.

M-Designer has been a great addition to my toolset. It allows me to create elements quickly and easily, such as clothes for characters or just draping fabric in an architectural interior scene without having any complicated knowledge of modeling software like Marvelous Designer Pro
The monthly subscription is straightforward with no expensive annual fees – even more so now that there’s currently on sale!