Maxdepth Has A New Houdini Vex For Vfx Course

Houdini VFX covers scripting for the Side FX Houdini.

MaxDepth is putting out some great training courses to help you become a better VFX designer and implementer. The latest course focuses on using the power of Sidefx Houdini inside of VRay, MentalRay, or Octane for creative effects workflows that will have your viewers in awe! Watch as mastering this skill also helps teams deliver projects faster with higher quality than ever before possible.

The feedback I got from reading MaxDeeper’s blog posts about their most recent “How-to: Working With vex For Visual FX Inside Of Houdini”.

Littlejohn’s resume is as diverse and impressive as the films he has worked on. From Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to other popular superhero franchises such as X-men: Legion and Cloak & Dagger – you’ll be hard-pressed not to find a project that Little John hasn’t been involved with in some way! He also teaches scripting for Houdini which provides an incredible introduction into this field through tutorials designed just for beginners like yourself who may have no experience whatsoever.

The course covers a range of topics and teaches you how to harness the power of scripting with VEX, where it shows what’s possible through this manipulation. In addition to teaching about color changes as well as other variables such as p-scale point counts or even vectors!

You can pick up your copy today at