Maxon Releases A New Lattice Plane Deformer For Cinema 4D

Riccardo Gigante & Maxon Labs Release a New Way to Deform Objects Using 2D Lattice Plane.

A recent development by Riccardo Gigante and the team at Maxon labs has given new life for those of us who use Cinema 4D as our animation software. The latest addition is their two dimensional cousin, often referred to as “lattices.” Like its 3-dimensional counterpart, there are control points placed on either side that allow you arbitrary shape changes around an object itself – all from within one scene!

a powerful yet easy-to-use deformer inspired by the FFD Deformer to arbitrarily reshape an object by influencing the generator’s control points located on a 2D cage.

The new Lattice Plane is a 2D control element which can be more clear when you need to identify points of alteration. It also has less computational overhead than its counterparts, the standard FDD lattices; this makes it easier for designers who are working within tight budgets or time constraints.

Lattice Plane is a 3D lattice that offers all the functionality of an ordinary one. It still retains its ability to deform smoothly for arbitrary shapes and control over how much it will deforms, fast computations so you don’t have wait long with your animations or simulations on this programing language/toolkit etc., customizable smoothness allowing each user their own preferred level inconsistency when requested by themself through editing options which also preserves topology meaning no edges get broken during animation!

Download the Lattice deformer here, and learn more about its use with this article at Maxon Labs.

Maxon Releases A New Lattice Plane Deformer For C4d
Maxon Releases A New Lattice Plane Deformer For C4d