Maya Pivot Tricks And How To Use Them Effectively

Stephen Mann covers altering Maya’s Pivot and runs through some pivot tricks showing what’s happening under the hood.

Maya has some handy tricks for moving around the pivot. It’s helpful in modeling, animation and other workflows too! Stephen Mann shows off his favorite pivottion tips while playing around with Mayas workflow skills on this video.

Altering the Maya Pivot.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes when you move your pivot. To help us understand what’s happening, let’s take this example–the insert key! The “insert” or + symbol allows for moving objects around without having to pick them up first by using their center point as an anchor point and then dragging away from it with one hand while holding down shift if needed so that no unwanted movement occurs in either direction (or both). You can also hold down.

Diving Deeper.

Pivots are everywhere. They may not be as flashy or exciting to animate, but a well-planned pivot will always have an important function in any production pipeline and can help save time when animating your character’s movements. In this tutorial, we’ll take you through exactly how Maya tracks those pivots so that they stay where you want them even if there’s some unexpected movement happening on screen during animation!