Maya Tips For Searching The Outliner And Renaming Objects

Malcolm Andrieshyn shares some tips for Maya, that include searching the outliner, and renaming many objects.

In his quick tip videos, malcolm341 (Malcom Andrieshyn) shows how you can effortlessly search the outliner to find objects easily. Many people don’t realize that Maya lets you perform wildcard searches, not just in a specific field or area of your project but with any command that would have an input such as “search.”

This includes commands like Rename which has been conveniently placed at hand by simply clicking where it says ‘renaming’ within the toolbar for this particular program type–Maya India scene authoring software!

The video is about how you can undo camera movement with a simple keystroke. Camera’s are not part of the regular Undo Queue unless you set it up to be that way, but having them in there makes sense if one wishes for an easier way when animating through render cameras because only wish sometimes accidentally move your view around too much and needs some help remembering what they did before without going back every single time just so see everything happen at once

The output should also contain more information than just saying “This Video”