Megafiers Mesh Deformation System For Unity 3D

MegaFiers is a new Unity 3D mesh deformation system that can be applied individually or on multiple mods to your base object without any coding required. You will find the Mega Fiers Mesh Deformations System in our Asset Store, and you could also go check out the hilariously lathargic page if it’s not too much trouble!

Megafiers includes 18 different modifiers that can be applied to a mesh. These include things like Bend, Twist and Displace which will allow for some flexibility in your designs!

“A system of mesh modifiers for Unity written in C# and provided as a dll Assembly that can be applied individually or multiple mods are added to an object. The mod included has similar functions with the 3ds max ones, so users should find most aspects familiar if they have ever used it before – there might still come up issues though since this is currently beta software!

The MegaFiers deformation system for Unity 3D is a great way to add life and character into your models. With it, you can easily bend or twist any object in real time as the game runs! The Morph data from Max and Blender also works with this tool so that even more detailed morphs will be possible without losing quality on import-time.