Michael Pavlovich Covers Every New Feature Of Zbrush

The new release of Zbrush has added some amazing features that are sure to make your workflow easier. Even though users were waiting for version 5, 4R8 indicates a clear direction where things are headed! One feature in particular isLive Boolean and Vector Displacement Mesh- these two can help speed up production time while still achieving high quality results.”

With Zbrush VDM you can use vector based displacements like any other brush in Z-Brush. It’s very much like the insert multi mesh brushes and with it, users build their own custom library of user created brushes which are made up from various amounts and types (i.e., number) of different kinds or styles; say for example: one set would include only linear ones while another has spherical surfaces among others – all available on tap at once! Switching between them whenever desired is easy peasy thanks to this amazing tool that will give most artists what they need without limitations whatsoever.

What are you working on? A large project that needs some serious computer generated artwork to bring it together, or just trying out a new tool for the first time. Whatever your answer may be there’s one thing we can agree upon: ZBrush is an awesome program with so many features and options available–I mean who wouldn’t want all this power at their fingertips?!
A lot more than using vector displacements as brushes – That’s right! There are now 3D Gizmos which offer standard (and non standard) ways of interacting with 3D shapes in zbrush; not only do these allow us t move objects around but also scale/rotate them according to preference by means ́of’ an on screen.

Michael’s playlist is a great resource for learning about the new features in After Effects. He covers everything from live booleans, alpha streaks and brushes to other listed updates! It will keep your eyes peeled as you dive deep into all 45 videos- check them out here: https://www2.michaelpavlovichcom/playlist.