Mixing Maya’s Mash And Nhair For Animation

3D Splanchnic shows how you can create a system that uses both MASH and nHair to create a dynamic animation.

A new relationship between two features is revealed in Maya: MASH and nHair.
Mash-haired, or multisampled hair cannot be assigned to a mesh of lower subdivision level; but by using an intersect modifier on top with another low resgon version you can assign one sample from each type (or more) at once!

Combining MASH with Dynamic Hair.

3D Splanchnic has created an animation that shows the growth of a polypeptide chain. This technique is useful for biomedical animations, but also applicable in other types of work too! His result looks like goldfish poo – which makes perfect sense because it’s something most people know how to make when given the right materials and enough time…