Modeling A Coiled Headphone Cable In Cinema 4D

There are many different styles of cable for headphones, but you can model the curl with Cinema 4D. This is an informative tutorial on how to do so in under 2 minutes!

The modeling process can depend greatly on the end use of your model. If you’ll never be animating it, then there are more options for creating models that suit what’s needed in this case. Talking about animation specifically though – how does an animated scene take place? That will narrow down some choices when choosing between one particular technique or another depending on who uses them most often to make their animations happen!

It’s a simple and effective process that you can use to create the shape of your headphone cable.
The steps above will help with creating this coiled path, but there’s no need for an additional plug-in like NURBS Curves 2 in order do so!