Modeling A Complex Shape Using Guides

Building models is usually a pretty straightforward process. But every now and then, you may come across shapes or forms that can be tough to figure out how they should look like on your digital masterpiece so let me give some advice: if we’re talking about straight lines for instance (shapes with no curves), just draw them as such in Autodesk Maya! You’ll find this option under Modify > 2D panel which allows scratch building anything from an oblique view point of view without having any problems whatsoever even when it comes time-consuming tasks such as filling gaps between pieces using those special tools available only there; believe.

As a great example of how to create complex objects, Devin Sloan looks at creating an intricate shape that has some radial holes in it. Most would look at the design and think “booleans” right away – but actually this can be done with MeshFusion if you use Modo- however for other applications such as Rhino or another 3D application may give worse geometry which might regret later on down the line.

Polygons are at the heart of any shape you build. Building complex shapes can often be a challenge, but Devin shows that it doesn’t need to be difficult by using simple guides in his tutorial on how he constructs complicated polygonal models like those found within video game level designs or architectural renderings!