Modeling And Texturing A Fence In Blender

By The CG Essentials

In this video, learn how to quickly model a fence and UV unwrap it inside of Blender! This method allows you can texture both sides as well as the ends of your posts. It will save time when modeling an entire scene with fences like these by doing just one step at once instead having to do them all individually which would take far too long otherwise due lack of patience or skill.

This guide teaches viewers about texturing models that require outdoor scenes such as those found on farms where livestock graze among lush green grasslands while cattle mingle peacefully together; here’s everything they need for creating their own masterpiece: A plan (whether written out clearly before beginning work.



Start by adding a texture to your object in the shading section. This gives you a little UV editing section on the lower left side.
When you add the texture, you get a UV map automatically in the object data tab (little triangle).
Notice that at the moment, in the UV editor section, everything is all kind of on top of itself.
You can move various parts and pieces around, but notice you’re not really getting a very good result.
You need to unwrap your object to place your texture properly on top of your object.

Select all 4 top edges Edges Mark Seams
Same thing with the bottom 4 edges Mark Seams
Now, select one edge on the middle piece Mark Seam
Then UV Unwrap
Now you can individually move the faces around in the UV editor