Modeling, Texturing, And Rendering A Standard Packshot In Cinema 4D

PolygonPen is a tool that lets you create standard “packshot” renders in Cinema 4D. It comes with all of the supporting files and documentation needed, so it takes less time than ever before to get started!

OctaneRender is an open-source program that allows users to create photo realistic images of products. This tutorial teaches you how Octano renders a detailed exterior for the model using Maxon Cinema 4D and Arnold renderer along with other useful features including depth maps, volumetrics etc..
For more information about octanerender check out polygonpen tutorials page.

PolygonPen is a modeling tool which allows you to create models of simple boxes. It provides information on how UV unwrapping works, as well as basic instructions for creating final images like polygonal planes or 3D objects from scratch with this program’s various features.