Modeling The Rocketeer Helmet With Maya 2016

3D-modeling superstar Alex Cheparev is back with another modeling tutorial for Maya 2016. In this video, he shows how to model a Rocketeer Helmet from the “Great Scott!” movie series and represent some great modeling challenges in both deformations as well as details that you must take into account when designing your own character’s headgear or helmets!

Alex revealed how to model a stormtrooper helmet in the past, but this time he takes it up another notch. Some parts of modeling will be done through a timeline and others go into detail on every step that was taken.

3D modeling tutorial of the Rocketeer helmet using Maya.

Maya has been able to continuously improve their modeling tools and features. While there was no groundbreaking additions in 2016, it does see much tighter integration with the various modules that are present on this software package.

New UV toolset were added as well as selection methods for selecting objects or parts within an image plane using constraint functions rather than just free form polygonal selections being made before now! Pivot snapping also came into play which allows users greater control when drawing curves while keeping track of precisely where each point occurs relative Modsulate used.