Moho 13 Released With Bitmap Frame By Frame Animation And More

Moho 13 adds bitmapped drawing tools and frame by frame bitmapped animation too.

Moho is a popular animation system that has been around for some time. Last year, it received an update with new features to help you draw in 3D space and rig your character animations using bitmap graphics – but why stop there? This version also includes onion skinning!

There are many alternatives to working with Adobe After Effects when it comes to creating animations. One of these is Moho, which has an animation engine under one roof and comprehensive keyframes on the timeline – basically everything that would make you feel comfortable as an animator!

Moho 13 bitmap engine lets you use freehand drawing tools and create custom brushes to make the artwork look more crafted. The “New in Moho Pro and Debut – Create traditional style animations directly from your work flow by combining new Moho Bitmap Tools, Image based Framing layer for an even faster workflow.”

Moho 13 now offers a better camera transition and object preview experience. Users can see more detailed 3D models during their moves, as well as adjust the material properties of those objects with ease-of use tools like importing them from other programs or removing pre-defined options for output quality levels.

Moho 13 Key Features include: 

  • Bitmap Frame by Frame Capabilities 
  • Bitmap Freehand Drawing Tools
  • Custom Bitmap Brush Creation (Pro) 
  • New Actions Window (Pro) 
  • 3D Objects Light Manipulation Support (Pro) 
  • 3D Object Material Properties Support (Pro) 
  • New Professional Quality Characters