Moho’s Switch Selection Makes Lips Sync A Breeze

Smith Micro’s new character animation tool, Moho 12 has been a revelation for any animator looking to create complex and expressive characters. With over 250 drawable items available in the library as well as rigging functionality that allows you control of muscles or skin quality with AngelScript scripts custom written by our team at SmithMicro – there is no limit on what can be achieved when using this powerful package.

Smith micro moved into higher gear earlier this year with their release of “Moho” an integrated suite aimed specifically towards those working …

Moho vs Ae

Moho vs After Effects for character animation: a tough decision.
After amazing work with the latest release of Adobe Character Animator, I have been able to create some truly memorable and engaging scenes. However! It’s not without its limitations as we all know that there is no practical tool in this software designed specifically towards animating characters.

Which means your choices are limited by what tools you can use or where they’re located within AIE’s interface (though it does come with DUIK). Even so, things like Rigging Properties Pages give us more control than ever before over our rigs; plus now rigging data gets synced across devices automatically too.

The Select Switch window in Moho Pro & Debut 12 gives you a visual interface when working with switches

Animation with bones that can deform a closed shape is essential when animating characters. Having IK and FK makes it even better, as the ability to switch between these twoFK types of movement fast in pre-production will give you more time before your final animation for this character gives life on screen!

Lip Sync Superiority

When you’re working on lip sync animations, the new Switch selection window makes it easy to choose between phonemes and set keys for your various mouth positions. This way of animating can be great when there’s a lot going on in each frame-by-frame animation like eye blinks or hand gestures because having everything right at your fingertips saves time and lets focus stay where it belongs: The essential elements!.

Ae Lip Sync

The best way to create lip sync for After Effects would be in the premiere pro editing software. You need a time-remapped comp with keyframes on it so that you can map out where each character should pause when they speak, then export them into AE’s modal window which requires no input until dismissed after use – very convenient!

Non Modal

Switch selection window in Moho is non-modal, so you can step through the timeline and still choose your selection without having to dismiss any panels.


It’s easy to see how a focused tool can make character animation workflow quicker and more pleasant. Moho 12 is the perfect lure for After Effects suers, because it has many powerful features that are not available in other programs like this one at such an affordable price point!

For those who work as animators or effect supervisors using after Effects Software every day – $399 might seem too high of cost based on what you already know about your current software package but don’t worry; Smith Micro offers discounts if paid monthly so investing now will actually save money down pat.