Monster Mash(drawing to mesh) + Blender 2.9 (eevee) / easy cg illustrations

By Alex Mehler

0:00 introduction / playing around
3:40 Timelapse – Simple/Clay like Unterwater Scene
7:40 Conclusion

3D models are so last year. Try this new tool that lets you turn your sketches and drawings into 3-dimensional objects in seconds, with the help of an intuitive interface!


Monster Mash Youtube Channel:

tools used:
monster mash

The first time I did this, it was really difficult. Getting the text halfright , cutting everything together – but then hearing yourself on video made me feel like a pro! Thanks for all your hard work YouTube creators.”

Music used in the video :

Majik Most – Deranged Barber

Ketsa – Hip Hop Instrumental 1