Morphing Mask Shapes In After Effects With Plexus

Animated masks are a great way to add personality and life into your videos. Garner Raymond shows some best practices for how you can create these in After Effects, from one shape changing over time – like an morphing effect!

I decided to break it down and show you how it was accomplished, and in the process, realized that the more valuable lesson here is that of easily creating different mask shapes and morphing between themGarner Raymond –

Inspired by Yen Hung Lin’s work on his piece A-Z, Gardner set out to solve the puzzle of how it was created in After Effects. Inspired by this creative process and wanting share with others who may want do try something similar himself one day or already know about what they’re doing but need help getting started with certain tools/plugins that can enhance their workflow a bit more effectively than others depending on your individual needs as well as those which come standard within different packages offered nowadays.

Next generation particles for After Effects with Plexus
A new type of particle system, PAXUS is coming soon. This advanced technology will allow you to create some truly incredible effects without any constraints or limitations! You can learn more about plexus here in this video tutorial which covers how it works and why they call themselves “Next Generation.”