Motion Capture In Blender The Right Way!

Jamie Dunbar has been creating animations for the past four years. In this guide, he’ll show you how to set up motion capture with Blender and work on animation layers so that your project is a success!

The next time you want to start a new project, why not turn to Blender? This tutorial from Jamie Dunbar will help with the process of setting up mocap using auto-rig pro and animating in between takes.

About Jamie Dunbar

Jamie Dunbar has been running Dragonboots Studios, an animation studio based in Brisbane for the past ten years. His experiences range from character design to creating animated cartoon characters that can be seen at Christmas displays all across Australia and even as part of a hospital’s marketing campaign!

When he isn’t working on projects with clients such as those mentioned above or organizing meetup events where professionals share their knowledge about digital technologies like 3D modeling and VFX (Visual Effects), Jamie helps other members learn more by teaching classes through Digital Labourer’s Federation – Australia’s largest professional networking organisation dedicated exclusively these fields .