Motion Stretch Deformer Adds Frame Rate Flexibility in Cinema 4D

The C4D Motion Stretch Deformer is a plugin that will deform the object in motion, conforming it to your animation path or direction. The updated features of this deformation tool make for easy trails and smear frames with an increased variety when compared last year’s version!

C4D Motion Stretch Deformer

No one likes to work with a plugin that’s difficult, but it is especially frustrating when you’re working on something important and can’t get the results. Luckily for us here at Badlogic Studioz Media Solutions LLC., their newest update will make our lives so much easier by interpolating caches between frame rates in order output multiple formats from one file!

Motion Stretch uses your object’s existing animation to stretch it along the path of its motion

Also, the new cache system will allow you create looped animations easily with a simple click of a button. This is perfect for those who have an animation that precedes or continues beyond what’s been cached so far!

The C4D Motion Stretch Deformer creates an automatic squash and stretch effect by pulling the points of an object forward or backwards in time along its trajectory.

Motion Stretch is a deformer that can be applied to any animated polygon object in Cinema 4D. It lets you add motion trails, cartoon-style blur or extra weight for your animation without having to redo all of the work!


The Curious Animal C4D Motion Stretch Deformer is a new, practical tool for animating character rigs. It can be purchased on its own or as part of larger packs from the plugin developer’s site with demo versions available if you’re feeling adventurous- check out more information about this great product here!

Curious Animal is giving you the option for an even more customized experience with its new “Mega Deformer” pack. This deformation tool can modify and animate geometry in C4D, including Motion Stretch, Rebend Deformers (seam), Expand maps-to create stunning effects! It also includes Difference Mapping which helps make shapes look unlike anything else on your timeline–a great addition to any character or environment asset library at only $80 dollars. You can find out more about it here: