Move Anchor Point 4 For After Effects

BatchFrame’s Move Anchor Point Tool for After Effects Gets New Features, Graduates to an Extension

Even if you have the “Pan Behind” tool in After Effects, moving an anchor point on more than one object is a pain. But with BatchFrame’s Move Anchor Point for AE it becomes possible to precisely place them anywhere! It’s pretty amazing actually and since their newest version has been rebuilt as an extension there are less limitations too (so go ahead – get yourself some sweet new tools).

The following passage details how-to move specific points around within your Composition without having special effects like pans or camera movements applied individually by hand; this technique saves time when compared with using these separately afterwards:

New Customizable Interface

Move Anchor Point 4 graduates from a script to an extension, and that means new install routines as well. Users can show or hide the parts of UI you need for your project in order make more real estate available on screen at once! The preference panel even lets users change size settings so every workstation gets what they want – no matter how big things get.

Match Anchor Points Feature

The latest version of MAP 4 now allows you to match points from multiple layers with a single click. You can search through your documents by name or layer, select what’s needed last and even have it pinpoint which one they are on screen at any given time!

Other Notable Additions

The new motion designer extension for Sketch allows you to precisely design anchor points and quickly select matches. You can also create your own presets that will save time in selecting moves, shapes layers with specific properties such as their color or rotation angle – which makes designing graphics easier than ever!

Pricing and Availability

If you purchased Move Anchor Point 3 between November 15, 2017 and January 6th 2018 then the discount on Batchframe’s new product will be available to claim for purchases made during that time period. For more information visit here: https://www.batchframemarketingagencycom/bhp-moveanchorpoint4.